Craniofacial Children Foundation

Teaching and Providing Craniofacial Surgery
in Developing Countries


The Craniofacial Children Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity that was founded on January 11, 2013 by Dr. David C. Matthews.

The Foundation’s purpose is to teach and provide craniofacial surgery (surgery of the face and facial skeleton to correct defects that involve soft tissue and/or bone) in developing countries.The Foundation sends a surgeon to Amman, Jordan each year to (I) perform craniofacial surgery on patients at the King Hussein Medical Center and (II) provide instruction on craniofacial surgery to the Plastic Surgery Department at the hospital. Dr. David C. Matthews (for more on Dr. Matthews click here) a Board Certified plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC, performs the procedures and the instruction. Though the need for craniofacial surgery in the area is great, the area hospitals have limited facilities.

Working with the major teaching hospital the Foundation seeks to improve the overall treatment and care for local children by providing teaching and hands on instruction to local surgeons so that they can provide on-going care and follow up. The needed equipment and supplies are provided so that local surgeons can continue to provide care when the Foundation is not present. Performing surgery and providing care within the system, with their own equipment, gives the local surgeons the training and confidence needed to succeed.


Dr. Matthews and one assistant travel to Amman, Jordan for 9 – 10 days each year. The Foundation provides supplies which are often lacking or unavailable in the region to support the surgical efforts. During a typical trip, Dr. Matthews sees 60 – 80 patients, makes decisions about their operative program, performs operations with local surgeons the following day, and makes final rounds and dispositions.

Dr. Matthews works with Attending Physicians and Residents in the Plastic Surgery Department to teach and demonstrate craniofacial surgical repair. Prior trips have already resulted in an increased level of craniofacial surgery and improved quality of surgical care.

The Foundation strives to continue to further improve the quality of surgical care in this underserved area.


As a result of the number of children benefited by the contributions by the Foundation and his work with local Surgeons and Physicians, Dr. David C. Matthews has received an honorary membership in the Jordanian Medical Society.


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The Foundation uses all monies donated to furnish supplies and other patient care materials. The Foundation does not have any administrative expense or paid positions.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Craniofacial Children Foundation please click here. For more information about the Foundation please call 704-375-2955.